Introducing Alki Furniture | A sustainable way of living

Introducing Alki Furniture | A sustainable way of living
October 13, 2017 SydneyDesignSchool

Introducing Alki Furniture

A sustainable way of living

“More than a furniture company, this is a genuine economic and cultural endeavour” – Alki

As we become saturated and indulge in societies fast pace materials, it is important we reflect on the origins of furniture design. Its history that informs the present and provides valuable insight and experiences that allow the future of furniture design to flourish. No one understands this way of thinking more than Alki – the Basque furniture company at the forefront of innovative, sustainable, traditional and collaborative design.

Alki’s designs are
simple yet detailed.

There is something unique and engaging about a product that is imbued with beautiful design and sentimental significance. Alki designs are respected across all four corners of the world being showcased and used by various companies including Quicksilver, Hermès and Levis Strauss.

“Being sustainable is not an option, it is the only way forward.”

Alki’s impact across the globe is powerful with their furniture used as an example for design innovation and sustainability

The furniture company is encouraging elegant design that is aesthetically pleasing and ethical, using only the noblest wood, Oak, as a symbol of its dedication to sustainability.

Alki is a fantastic example of how we can turn to leading designers for inspiration and use it to inform our own approach to sustainable design. For more information about Alki’s furniture head on over to their Instagram @alki_furniture

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