Stay ahead of the trends

Stay ahead of the trends
October 23, 2017 SydneyDesignSchool

Stay Ahead of the Trends

An inspiration guide

As Designers, it’s important to soak up inspiration through our every day lives, be an observer and take advantage of opportunities and free platforms. We will take you through our two favourite platforms that will help inspire you to create!


Finding the right visual inspiration can be hard, that’s where Pinterest comes into play. Chose a theme or key word and the platform will curate a collection of related images that are trending and popular. Save the images as you go, creating different mood boards to suit your needs!

One of the best functions of Pinterest is that it is personal! It will become familiar with who you are, your taste, preferences and interests. After a while you may not need to use the search engine as the home page will already be filled with images that have been selected just for you.


Use Instagram as an inspirational tool – more than a platform filled with personal imagery of friends and family – it can be a great tool for finding the latest trends, style icons and creating personal mood boards for references.

Why like a photo when we you can save? Don’t let good inspirational imagery pass you by, but rather save via the right hand icon under the image. Before you know it, you will have a beautiful collection of inspirational imagery in your saved images.

We also recommend creating ‘Collections’ and saving images in different folders ie. bathroom, kitchen, monochrome or monotone boards.

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