Student Helen Rydge | Doctor turned Designer

Student Helen Rydge | Doctor turned Designer
May 11, 2017 SydneyDesignSchool

Doctor turned Designer  |  Meet student Helen Rydge

As we get to know our students we discover their wonderful stories – the journey that brought them to study interiors. We caught up with the delightful Helen Rydge – a Certificate IV student who balances two young children, study and her own private psychology practice…

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As a busy Mum how are you finding the juggle of parenthood, working part time and studying?

“I’ve always been someone who likes to be busy and needs a project! We completely renovated our home whilst I had a toddler, was pregnant and working. I did decide to wait until my youngest started school to embark on this course though, which means that I can grab a few hours here and there kid free to work on assignments either at home or between clients at my psychology practice.”

What is it about interiors that inspired you to study for a change of career?

“When I finished school I was deciding between studying architecture or psychology at university and, being from a family of health professionals, I went down the psychology route.  However my love of design, both interiors and fashion, has always endured. My passion for interior design in particular was reignited during the renovation of our home. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and continue to keep working on my home and the homes of my friends and family. I decided to study so that I could hopefully turn my hobby into a second career.”

Can you tell us about your Sydney Design School experience so far?

“The experience has been great! I am studying on campus, which really works for me as it forces me to structure my week to make time for learning. Having not really drawn since high school in the 1990s, I thoroughly enjoyed the drawing days early in the course that helped me tap back into that creative side of my brain that had been forgotten due to the distraction of study/ career/ family. I was pleasantly surprised by what I could make.”

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