Colour Trends 2019 Forecast

Colour Trends 2019 Forecast
November 13, 2017 SydneyDesignSchool

Colours Trends //  2019 Forecast

2019 will see a return to bold, saturated, pure colours that have energy and express individuality.

Over the last decade, neutrals and muted colours have dominated interiors and fashion trends – think greyed earthy tones and nature inspired palettes.

Things are set to change in 2019, with a return to expression of individuality through bold, pure, saturated colours which bring life and energy to spaces.

Coastal Blue

Blues allow rooms to feel relaxed and calm. While the colour is strong, spaces with blue feel fresh and exotic resembling coastal getaways. Experiment with feature walls, or introduce it through subtle elements such as vases and pots.

Utilitarian Green

Rather than a nature driven green, the 2019 green is grounding and industrial. Inspired by military colours, the new darker toned greens are bold and ambitious. Enhance this utilitarian green with raw materials, such as a dark timber furniture, flooring or  artwork.

Gender Neutral Purple

Moving away from soft pinks and blushes, we begin to explore the darker tones of purple. The gender neutral colour is edgy and mysterious and depending on how it’s styled, can feel masculine or feminine.  


Primary Red and Yellow

These two primary colours convey strength and confidence. Too strong to be used as a wall colour, we’ll see them popping up as accent colours either as fabrics on furniture or through artwork or sculptural pieces.

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