Why you’ll love studying online

Why you’ll love studying online
May 14, 2017 SydneyDesignSchool

Why you’ll love studying online // Meet our Educator Wendy Beard

We grabbed five minutes with our Head of Online, Wendy Beard, to talk about her passion for interiors and why teaching online students is uniquely rewarding…

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What do you love about being an Interior Designer?

“I love to see the expression on a client’s face when your concept comes to life and they experience the final outcome of a project. It is normally an emotional, exciting and rewarding time for all (including me!).”

Where do you find your inspiration?

“I love to travel and visit new places, attend trade shows, talks and events – to expose myself to as many ideas as possible. Inspiration comes from lots of different things, even just walking somewhere new – it’s so great to take everything in.”

You graduated from Sydney Design School yourself – tell us about your experience…

“I had an awesome time studying and met the most amazing people (both peers and teachers) that inspired me to set up my business ‘hello yellow’. I progressed from interior design projects to my own online store (whilst keeping up private clients). The store was amazing but I found the sourcing and the management of the shop very consuming and it took me away from my passion. Now I combine my interior design business with teaching at Sydney Design School and heading up Interior Design Online. I also manage our bespoke courses for retailers like Freedom and co-write content for the Temple & Webster Style School – so a really rewarding and exciting combination!”

What’s unique about teaching online students?

“Our student’s passion to succeed. Most are working part or full time while they study and are very driven. I love the personal support we offer via phone, open chats, online messaging and email. Students based in New South Wales often visit me at Sydney Design School too which is amazing and I love meeting them!”

What’s the most satisfying part of you role?

“When a student finishes the course and feels immensely proud of what they have achieved. They often say they thought studying online would be hard and that they would feel lonely… it turns out it’s quite the opposite! I do have great students though!”

Find out more about studying the Certifcate IV or Diploma course online with our partner Interior Design Online here.

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