Graduate Jillian Dinkel | Featured in Inside Out

Graduate Jillian Dinkel | Featured in Inside Out
July 13, 2017 SydneyDesignSchool

As featured in Inside Out // Beachy bachelor pad by graduate Jillian Dinkel

Just seven months after graduating from her Diploma of Interior Design & Decoration, Jillian Dinkel has had one of her first interior projects published in Inside Out magazine. We spoke to the new Interior Designer about this stunning project and life after Sydney Design School…

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Congratulations Jill! How does it feel to get an 8 page spread in Inside Out just seven months after graduating?

“It’s such an honour to have my work recognised amongst fellow designers I both respect and admire.”

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Tell us about what you’ve been up to since graduation…

“Since graduation I’ve accepted a role at Warrane – a design, construct and fit out company based on the Northern Beaches. As Warrane’s in-house Interior Designer, I oversee the designs of our hospitality and residential projects. I’ve been with Warrane for nearly a year now and in that time I’ve had the opportunity to work on some fantastic projects with an amazing team. It’s a small company which has been a great environment for me to both learn and grow.

When I’m not working on Warrane projects, I take on private design and styling clients at my side hustle, Jillian Dinkel Designs.

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Did you feel prepared for the industry when you tackled your first project?

I did! I’d long been designing and styling my own spaces and those of my friends. However, taking the leap to leave my fashion career behind and step into interior design full time was a big step for me. Studying at Sydney Design School gave me the confidence to push forward and make it official!”

How would you describe your experience at Sydney Design School?

Sydney Design School was exactly what I was looking for – I got really lucky. The coursework was highly practical and my instructors gave me great real-world advice that gave me a leg up when venturing out on my own.”

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We love the Queenscliff Beach project pictured & featured in the July issue – tell us about your approach…

“I started with a feeling – I wanted the space to be uniquely memorable while also very welcoming and cosy. Mixing together plenty of textures and vintage gave that effect. Creating custom joinery and lighting was an exciting challenge – I worked with some really great independent designers and makers to collaborate on my ideas.”

Which aspect of interior design do you love the most?

“I love coming up with initial concepts as well as putting together the colour and finish schemes of a project – but my favourite part of the process is revealing the final product to our clients. I just did a reveal for a residential client last week – when I walked her through her new master ensuite, she cried tears of happiness! Seeing our clients loving their new spaces makes all the headaches worth it.”

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Tell us about the challenges this space presented…

“Every project hits a bump in the road somewhere in the process – it’s my job to try to shield my clients from the dramas as much as possible! At Queenscliff I had a great team of trades on the project that were always looking to go the extra mile and work with me to come up with creative solutions to the various issues that come up when renovating older homes and units.”

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Where do you want your interior design career to take you?

“I don’t think about the future too much right now – the present is pretty exciting! I hope to continue working with amazing clients and taking on projects that challenge me. I’d love to do a really quirky boutique hotel some day soon – that would be a real dream project. I’m excited to see what my design future holds!”

This story is featured exclusively inside the July 2017 issue of Inside Out magazine. Find out more about Jillian’s beautiful interior work on her website here.

Photography by Hannah Blackmore.

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