Usine, Stockholm

Usine, Stockholm
April 1, 2017 SydneyDesignSchool

Usine // Stockholm

It’s difficult to imagine that this incredible space was once a sausage factory and then a tax office complete with claustrophobic meeting rooms and fluorescent lighting. It’s also difficult to imagine photographer Josh Eriksson, passing by without reaching for his camera…

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Award winning designer Richard Lindvall drew inspiration from all over the world to create Usine – a 2000sq foot space which works as a combined restaurant, café, bar, gallery and conference facility in Sweden’s capital city. He drew inspiration from restaurants in Shanghai, New York and Amsterdam eventually settling on a mix of minimal industrialism and charming French bistro.

“It was important to create a warmth in the environments, but still keep it raw and fresh” says Lindvall.

There’s a clever balance in the restrained palette – a mix of tough textures like polished concrete, galvanised steel and black iron set against the softness of leather upholstery, custom maple furniture and well placed foliage.

Hospitality design is part of our Diploma course and those wishing to pursue this exciting area of interior design further can select hospitality for their Design Specialisation Project for our Advanced Diploma course.

USINE. Södermalmsallén 36-38, 118 28 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 120 513 36

Photography by Josh Eriksson // SOAAP Studio

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