How I studied interiors from Austria

How I studied interiors from Austria
September 13, 2017 SydneyDesignSchool

How I studied interiors from Austria // Meet graduate Julia Mötsch

She may have been studying our courses online from the otherside of the world – but that didn’t stop Austrian Interior Design Online student Julia Mötsch from graduating with a Highly Commended award. Find out more about her journey in interiors…

“Throughout the course I regained my long-lost creativity and started to trust my intuition and feeling for a space.”

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What inspired you to become an Interior Decorator?

Looking back, I think that becoming an Interior Decorator has always been somewhat predestined and it was only a matter of time until I’d realise this. Over the years of a rather long “detour” working in a completely different business field I became tired of doing the same things over and over again. I felt unhappy in my job, because it was pretty unsatisfying. After some major changes in my personal life it suddenly hit me and I thought – if not change careers now, when?

Interior design and decoration has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember and taking this important step has completely changed my life. Thinking outside the box, playing with colour, style, light and fabric – simply being creative feels so liberating and knowing that I can help others with my work is truly inspiring and motivating.

These are very exciting times for me and I’m forever grateful for the positive response I got and keep getting from everybody.”

Why did you choose to study with our partner, Interior Design Online?

I wanted to equip myself with the right tools that would help me turn my ideas into reality but finding a course was not that easy, since I was working a full-time job and studying on campus was not an option for me. Luckily, I came across Interior Design Online and realised that the Certificate IV in Interior Decoration course was exactly what I was looking for.

The combination of studying theory followed by practical assessments throughout the course was a great way of really internalising what I’d just learned. Also the modular course structure at Interior Design Online allowed me to study at my own pace, which was important to me as well.”

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How would you describe your experience?

“I think I went through the lights and shadows of a huge creative process. Moments of scepticism and lack of imagination were followed by creative boosts and immense joy over the outcome of an assessment or project.

Throughout the course I regained my long-lost creativity and started to trust my intuition and feeling for a space. Looking back, I think I have really grown as a person and am now confident that I’m well prepared for my future ahead.

I also received great support and guidance from the Educators and the process of the course was smooth, professional and organised – overall, a great experience I can only recommend!”

What was the highlight of the course?

“My personal highlight definitely was the Major Residential Project. Finally, being able to apply everything I have learned throughout the course, developing an interior concept for a client’s home and seeing everything come together has been a very rewarding and satisfying experience in itself. Getting such great feedback for something that I’ve put all my energy and love into, however, made even the last tiny bit of doubt disappear and I finally felt that this is what I was meant to do all along.

My most important realisation is ‘anything goes’. The possibilities are endless, there is no right or wrong and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. With this in mind, I can really let my creativity run free. What more could I wish for?”

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Do you feel prepared for a career in interior decoration? Tell us about your plans…

“Overall, I think the course taught me all the basics needed for starting a career in interior decoration. I felt almost like a campus student. My Educators (many thanks again to Wendy Beard for always answering my chaotic emails full of questions) replied quickly, always provided constructive feedback and offered help when needed.

I’m self-employed now and interior decoration will play an important role in my field of business. My job description is a mix of Organisation and Interior Consultant. The first stage is usually helping people become aware of their belongings, their space and the energy in it. The next stage is re-arranging, re-decorating and furnishing the space in a way that makes the client feels comfortable. We are forced to take on many different roles throughout the day, that’s why I think it’s important to make our home our stage -where we are the stars and feel like one when we are there.”

If you’d like to study with Sydney Design School but need the flexibility of studying at your own pace you can now access our world-class courses entirely online via our partner Interior Design Online find out more here.

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