Green Interior Awards

Green Interior Awards
July 11, 2017 SydneyDesignSchool

Green Interior Awards // Betty Chen makes the shortlist!

We believe in thinking globally and teaching design for a sustainable future. Our Educators were delighted to hear that our Advanced Diploma graduate Betty Chen has been shortlisted for the Student Category of the International Green Interior Design Awards for her eco-friendly mobile space designed for adventure! Find out more about these special awards and her unique graduation project…

“Rotolacampo (Italian for tumble weed) came about from the concept of free living” – Betty Chen

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Betty – tell us about your project…

“Rotolacampo is the ‘go get’ solution for easy but sustainable living arrangements.

The glazing doubles as solar panels and the aerodynamic shape of the roof (which is fibre glass) allows rain water to be captured easily. The structure expands to a full moon circle at night when the occupants (1-2) need to sleep. A full double bed can be inflated and placed on the expanded platform – the glazing sphere above allows for a full, unobstructed view of the stars while been safely protected from the elements.

All living essentials are also built into the space eg. kitchen sink, fridge, stove top, bathroom, a working table with pull-out seats and even a pull-out full height hanging closet.

Water usage is tightly controlled and grey water can be used to hyrdrate your surrounding greens. The Western Red Ceder timber was chosen for the structure and the joinery for its fire protection and acoustic properties, unrivalled sustainability, thermal protection and structural performance.

Rotolacampo is dedicated to millennials who like to roam, collect experiences and make friends!”


What is the International Green Interior Award?

This unique annual award celebrates designers, manufacturers and students from around the world who put their heart and soul into creating interior projects and innovative products that respect the health of people and the planet.

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When is the winner announced?

The International Green Interior Awards 2017 will be held at Brickworks Design Studio, Sydney on Thursday 27 July from 6pm – 9pm.

All design enthusiasts are welcome to attend, tickets are available here.

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